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Covid-19 cleaning and safety has been implemented through-out our business. Office staff are working remotely and our cleaning staff will be wearing protective masks and gloves and are fully versed in social distancing and sterilization procedures


Office Cell: 082 565 5822
Office Landline: 021 790 3870
Team Leader Cell: 066 292 2309


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We will need to asses the premises and cleaning surface area and accessibility in order to quote accurately.


Frequently Asked Questions

What method do you use for cleaning?

We use steam cleaning machines to clean carpets. This is the recommended method as it lifts old deep embedded dirt and dust from the carpet and cleans the carpet fibres most efficiently. In some instances we use dry-cleaning chemicals. Loose rugs are cleaned at our offices with a return policy within 7 days or less on request and ability.

How long will it take my carpets to dry?

On a warm sunny day carpets will take a few hours to dry. We usually recommend leaving windows open for a through draft that will speed up drying time. On a rainy or cold day drying can take a full day, however the damp is almost completely suctioned from the carpets with our carpet cleaning machines.

Do I need to be at home while the cleaning is taking place?

No need to be at the premises, we will need to arrange access prior to arrival but our staff are very strustworthy and a team leader and supervisor will arrive with the staff, let them in and supervise.

Do you move any furniture?

Our staff are trained to handle furniture with care and will move smaller items such as desks and chairs so they can clean underneath. Large cupboards and bed bases will remain in place. Small plastic furniture protectors are placed under the furniture legs to protect them from any moisture in the carpet after cleaning.

How long will it take to clean my carpets?

For a small 2 bedroom 1 lounge apartment cleaning should take approximagely 2 hours. In this time the staff will lift small items off the floor, vacuum and clean and place plastic protectors under furniture legs where necessary.

Do I need to vacuum before the cleaning staff arrive?

Our cleaning equipment is all that is need to vacuum/clean the carpets and lift the deep inlaid dirt from the base of the carpet.

How often should I clean my carpets?

If you steam clean your carpets every 6 months you will have them for many many years. We tread dust and dirt into our carpets daily and the more we walk over them the deeper the dirt is embedded in the carpet base. Clean carpets twice a year at least.

Are the staff Covid-19 Friendly

Our staff have been trained to work under covid-19 cleaning guidelines and they all wear protective face masks and gloves and they all maintain safe social distancing.