Cape Town Carpet Cleaning is a niche market when it comes to Persians!

Omniclean is a Cape Town Carpet Cleaning Company with over 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry. We clean every style of carpet from fitted carpets to loose rugs. Our cleaning teams have had expert training and are able to recognise the style of carpet and the type of cleaning required. We specialise in cleaning Wool Carpets, Persians, Afghans, Orientals and loose or fitted carpets.

We know when carpets are made with traditional Vegetable dyes and whether or not they can be steam cleaned. We use special dye testing to ascertain the dye quality. Expensive Persian or other Oriental Rugs often need to be cleaned several times and the tassels will need to be washed by hand. Loose rugs will all be cleaned at the Omniclean Offices. We recommend cleaning carpets twice a year to remove the dirt which sets deep in the rugs after a lot of high traffic. length of time and lots of foot traffic on the carpets.

Persian Carpet Cleaning

Persian Carpet Cleaning is usually a straight forward steam clean but the skill comes in when ascertaining whether you are cleaning a fixed dye carpet or a an unfixed carpet dye. Where the dye has not been fixed in the carpet fibre, steam cleaning will smear your beautiful carpet and it will be ruined. Omniclean has been cleaning Persian Carpets for decades, literally. Our staff will do a dye test on all Persians to ascertain whether the carpet can be steam cleaned or if it requires a dry cleaning chemical to lift the grime and dirt from the base of the carpet.


Fitted Carpet Cleaning

The majority of fitted carpets are very easy to clean and steam cleaning is the best way to keep them looking new.

Loop Pile Carpets

Where the carpet material appears to be looped and is rounded on the top. The fibres are woven in a loop. The materials used for these kinds of carpets can range from synthetics to wools. They are tougher carpets and more durable but do not have the luxurious feel of a cut pile carpet

Cut Pile Carpets

These carpets are softer to the touch, with the more expensive cuts feeling soft as moss. The weave has been cut on the surface like a mowed lawn with either a low cut or a high cut, depending on how long you want the fibres. For practicality one would usually select a short cut pile, but for around the bed a luxurious long cut is often a preferred choice.