Blinds and Drapes cleaning do it yourself!

We specialise in cleaning of blinds and drapes but you can often do this yourself. If the blinds are not too dirty then simply use a micro fibre cloth along with a little warm water and dish washing liquid to wipe them down. 
If you are cleaning a synthetic material then warm water is fine but always squeeze out your cloth and do not let water seep into a wooden blind.

Get Omniclean to clean your blinds for you!

Often you are just too busy to do this yourself. Usually we will remove your blinds for cleaning and then rehang them where required. Depending on the quantity it could be as simple as cleaning them at your premises.


  • Venetian Blinds
  • All Fabric Blinds
  • Awnings and Shadecloths
  • Canvas Blinds
  • Out Door Umbrellas

Maintaining your blinds

Always best to just keep them dust free with a regular cleaning and dusting. This should keep them looking good as new for years to come.